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Expert in cooling server rooms, data centers and electronics!

Aircold is leading expert in cooling server rooms, machine rooms, data centers and electronics in general. We have provided hundreds of solutions from cooling tiny server rooms to cooling large Data Centers.

Aircold designs and installs complete cooling systems for server rooms, data centers and the like.

We are not like the majority of refrigeration companies that have knowledge of the refrigerator only, while other suppliers have supplied, control, pump stations, rack coolers, etc. Aircold supplies all components of the cooling system. We therefore know all the units that together form the total solution. We service the systems after commissioning and carry stock in spare parts. This gives you a guarantee that your cooling system is optimally designed and provides the most optimal performance with minimum energy consumption. Thus, troubleshooting and servicing will also be 100% effective as our technicians are specialists in the entire system. We are the reference list full of customers in Denmark who have been supplied with an Aircold cooling solution for cooling server rooms. Characteristic is that Aircold's cooling systems are always extremely reliable with a focus on energy saving. Aircold is an expert in cooling for the IT sector!

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