HTD free cooling 5-25kW

HTD free cooling for data room

Aircold is an expert in cooling and has a great focus on free cooling and energy saving solutions. With HTD cooling Aircold offers an ingenious solution that truly combines both in the most optimal way. With HTD, up to 90% of energy consumption is easily saved compared to traditional cooling for tasks desired room temperature above 20C. HTD can be used for all air conditioning applications where the desired room temperature is between 10C to 40C and will offer great energy savings even at the lowest temperature.

HTD Cooling uses outdoor air to cool the room in a way that only compressor cooling is needed for a few hours a year. HTD Free Cooling is a green solution that benefits the environment and at the same time benefits your own finances. It is an extremely attractive investment.

HTD can be supplied as a modular system, with modules from 5kW to 25kW.


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