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Server room cooling and data room cooling have been a specialty for Aircold for many years!

Aircold calculates and installs complete server room cooling systems. We are not like the majority of refrigeration companies that only know about the refrigerator, while other suppliers have supplied, control, pump stations, rack coolers, etc.

Aircold supplies all components of the cooling system. Aircold know all the units that together form the total cooling system. We service the systems after commissioning and carry stock in spare parts. This gives you a guarantee that your cooling system is optimally designed and provides the most optimal performance with minimum energy consumption. Thus, troubleshooting and servicing will also be 100% effective as Aircold's technicians are specialists in the entire system.



InRack cooling

Cooling directly at the servers
InRack cooling is cooling directly at the servers. With InRack Cooling, the cooled air is delivered to the servers in the shortest possible way. As a result, no temperature or ventilation loss is obtained for the surroundings. The result is optimal cooling and extremely low operating costs.

Rack cabinets and InRack coolers are specially designed so that inefficiencies do not occur with cold and hot air mixing. The system is suitable for high density loads with high cooling requirements per unit. server rack

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InRow cooling

In InRow cooling, the server room is built with cubes or containments so that cold and hot air mixing does not occur. The InRow coolers are placed inline between the IT rack. The heat is sucked away from the back of the server and delivered cooled in the server suction side. Aircold InRow refrigeration systems are suitable for high thermal density per square meter without the occurrence of hotspots. The InRow cooling units offer an efficient form of cooling for data centers and server rooms. It is recommended to implement InRow cooling together with Aircold Intelligent Cooling for the perfect result.

Aircold delivers the best solution in server cooling. A specialty that we have had for many years. We have both large and small customers. Among the more well-known are the State IT, Danfoss, the City of Copenhagen and DTU.

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