Comfort cooling

Aircold makes it easy to achieve a comfortable indoor climate


Aircold comfort cooling plug & play units

Aircold makes it easy to achieve optimal comfort cooling with our specializes chiller cooling system.

Aircold's comfort cooling system makes it easy to achieve cooling of office buildings, classrooms, hotels and the like.

Aircold's chiller water cooling systems are intelligent plug & play cooling solutions that supply cooling water for cooling of air conditioning, fancoils and cooling surfaces in ventilation systems. Aircold's chiller cooling systems for comfort cooling appear as compact units containing cooling systems, pumping station, buffer tank and control.

When the cooling circuit are connected to the cooling unit and water is filled, the system is ready for start-up.

Sustainable and future-proof cooling

Aircold supply energy-efficient comfort cooling with chiller units based on future-proof refrigerants such as HFO1234ze and Propane.

If HFO1234 or Propane is chosen as a refrigerant, a future-proof solution is ensured, which is in accordance with EU and Denmark's environmental legislation. Aircold's chillers based on green refrigerants such as propane and HFO R1234ze. These green cooling systems are superior technical solutions and a good alternative to, for example, HFC refrigerants.

Green cooling

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