Chiller based on natural refrigerant

Chiller refrigeration systems based on green refrigerants such as Propane R290, CO2, and HFO R1234ze

Sustainable chiller based on natural refrigerant

Aircold delivers sustainable chiller water cooling systems based on future-proof refrigerants such as CO2, Propane R290 and HFO R1234ze.

Propane and CO2 are natural refrigerants. Refrigeration plants using HFO R1234ze refrigerant are, according to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, considered to be just as harmless to climate and ozone layers as natural refrigerants.

Aircold's CO2 neutral water cooling system complies with EU and Danish environmental legislation, including the F-gas legislation. Aircold's climate-friendly chillers are thus in compliance with both short-term and long-term environmental restrictions.

Aircold's cooling systems based on CO2, Propane R290 and HFO R1234ze are reliable and energy efficient cooling systems. Thes cooling systems can be used for cooling of ventilation systems, cooling beams and fancoils as well as process cooling, comfort cooling and industrial cooling in general.

Aircold focuses on sustainable and CO2 reducing solutions.

We are ready for green change!

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