Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Aircold collects and uses personal data about you or your company when you contact us, visit our website and webshop or order a product or service.

Aircold's privacy policy applies to the following websites:


Personal Information - What do we use it for?

1) Visitors to Aircold's website and webshop

We automatically collect information about your activities when you visit our website and webshop. This information can be, for example, your geographical location, the type of browser you use, whether you use a tablet or mobile phone, which pages you visit and in general how to navigate our site.

We use this information to optimize our website and webshop, so that our sites always appear user friendly and contain relevant information for our visitors.

2) When placing an order with Aircold

When you place an order with us, we collect information such as: name, email, telephone number, address, information about your company, payment method and delivery information. This information is used for orders placed via written agreement or via Aircold's webshop.

This personal information is used in connection with delivery as well as communication regarding. order.

3) Security and data retention

Aircold will only use your personal data for the purpose for which it was collected and they will be deleted from our database as soon as this purpose is no longer relevant.

We process your personal information securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable law, including the Personal Data Regulation and the Data Protection Act.

We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, impaired, or come to the attention of unauthorized persons, abused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.

4) Sharing personal data with third parties

In some cases, Aircold uses third parties to store and process data. These process information solely on our behalf and may not use it for your own purposes.

Disclosure of personal information such as name and email etc. will only happen if you consent to it. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.

If you use our contact form on the website, the e-mail you send to us will be forwarded to Mandrill, who provides us with e-mail marketing services. We consider Mandrill to be a third-party data processor. In addition to Mandrill, your email will also be stored in our backend database. Please note that all Mandrill email logs are stored in their database for 30 days before being completely deleted.

In addition, we provide information in connection with order delivery. In this context, this provides information to the carrier regarding address, telephone number and contact person.

5) Your rights

You have the right to disclose what personal information we process about you in a regular format (data portability). You may also object at any time to the use of information. You can also revoke your consent to processing information about you. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. Inquiries can be made to:

If you no longer wish us to process your personal data or to limit the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request to the above email address.



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