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Silent cooling

Aircold's air conditioners are quality-assured and silent units that can be used wherever there is a desire for an optimal indoor climate and working environment.

Aircold's air conditioners are not like most air conditioners on the market. Our air conditioners are of professional quality and have several different functions that guarantee you a top quality indoor climate.

Aircold's air conditioner is particularly suitable when the sound level must be absolutely low and therefore ideal for cooling to office, shop, meeting room or other working environments where a low noise level is a must.

One unit- several features!

Aircold's air conditioners are professional units that adapt to your needs. We offer air conditioning that both are able for cooling and heating. 

Aircold's air conditioning has infinite capacity that automatically adjusts to the room's cooling or heating needs. During periods of less cooling or heating requirements, the unit automatically adjusts performance to a lower level.

Aircold offers air conditioning that are able for cooling, heating, air purification and to control the humidity in the room.

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