Rear door cooling

Rear door cooling server rack

Rear door cooling is used for cooling rack in data centers. With cooling of racks with passive cooling doors, cooling provides up to approx. 20kW per cooling door. Rear door cooling is an energy efficient solution with as no fans are used. Upon backdoor cooling, the ambient air in the server room (1) will be sucked into the rack of the fans in the servers. When the air has cooled down the servers (2) it is heated to 30C-40C. Thereafter, the air will pass the cooling door (3) at a temperature and be cooled down to 23C-25C again. The cooling door is cooled by "liquid cooling" ie. a water-based cooling system. For the most optimal solution, Aircold Intelligent cooling system, a "liquid cooling system", with extremely high degree of free cooling is used. Aircold Intelligent cooling is the way to Green IT, where the lowest energy consumption is in focus.

Aircold provide a complete data center cooling system. Aircold is leading expert in server room cooling. We have experience with complete cooling systems, which include Rear Door Heat Exchangers. Already in 2005, Aircold has installed a cooling system for backdoor cooling with IBM Rear Door Heat Exchangers at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry.

Cooling doors are part of the system solution together with Aircold Intelligent Cooling.

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