Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions AIRDK98

1. In general

Unless the following are excepted, the following applies: For all deliveries of machinery and installations, the Nordic GENERAL DELIVERY CONDITIONS apply to NL 92 or if assembly is included in the delivery NLM 94. For all agreements on repair work and for all deliveries of spare parts, the Nordic GENERAL CONDITIONS apply. NO 84. For all agreements on maintenance and supplies of spare parts the Nordic GENERAL CONDITIONS NOW 84 applies.

2. Offers

Offers are valid in 30 days from the date of the offer. Reservation right reserved.

3. Scope of delivery

The buyer is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits for the execution of the order and covering the expenses thereby. Installations are excl. drilling and cutting in concrete, cable pulling and connection to any. fusebox. If the delivery of the installation entails alterations or repairs to the Buyer's buildings, fixtures or other facilities, it is the Buyer's responsibility to carry out the execution and the related costs. Deliveries are made to AB FABRIK Aircold or AB FABRIK Aircold's subcontractors. Shipments are at the Buyer's expense and risk.

4. Delivery time

The delivery time is calculated from the date that Aircold has received all information from the Buyer, which is necessary for technical questions regarding the design and content of the delivery to be clarified. However, the delivery time is at the earliest from the time of Aircold's confirmation of Buyer's acceptance. If the delay is due to transport accidents, delayed delivery from subcontractors, war, strike, lock-out, political intervention, force majeure, change of order on request of Buyer, negligence from Buyer or anything that Aircold is not in control of, the delivery time is extended. In these circumstances, exceeding the delivery time does not entitle the Buyer to cancel the order. No compensation is provided for delivery delays.

5. Rates

The prices quoted are AB FABRIK excl. VAT, possibly taxes, as well as shipping and packaging. Aircold reserves the right to regulate offered / confirmed prices if new public taxes are imposed on the turnover of goods and services in the period leading up to the delivery.

6. Order

Any order must be confirmed by writing Aircold before a confirmed delivery agreement is considered. Cancellation of orders is only accepted by covering the costs incurred by Aircold. Cancellation fee is at least 15% of order amount, provided that written cancellation is received by Aircold within 3 days from the order date.

7. Payment

When nothing else is in writing, the payment terms are: Payment net cash for order amounts below DKK 100,000 excl. VAT. For order amounts over DKK 100,000 excl. VAT is payment 30% on order confirmation, 60% on delivery of main components and 10% on completion of assembly or delivery. The delivered order remains Aircold's property until payment is fully received. If payment is not time, interest will be charged 2.5% per month started. Timely payment is a prerequisite for adherence to delivery time and delivery can be completed.

8. Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to keep machines and plants that Aircold must install, insured for an amount that is at least equal to the agreed purchase price.

9. Regulation of deficiency liability

In accordance with the following, Aircold undertakes to rectify the design, manufacture or other defects in the materials delivered for a period of twelve consecutive months, starting from the day of delivery AB FABRIK. The remedy does not cover cases where defects are caused by failure to maintain and use the delivery in full compliance with any given regulations, improper or improper use, alterations or technical interventions made without Aircold's prior written consent, extraordinary influences or the use of unoriginal spare parts. . If service, alterations or technical interventions are performed on the delivery of services other than Aircold or Aircold approved companies, the remediation right lapses. The remedy does not include damage to products supplied by the buyer or any of this required construction. Wear parts are not covered by the remedy.

If the buyer wishes to complain about any defects, written complaint must be made without undue delay after the defect is found. Late complaints are not accepted. Defective parts that are replaced must be made available to Aircold? Unless otherwise agreed, all transport and assembly of defective, repaired and replaced material is at the buyer's expense and risk. Parts of the delivery that are not manufactured by Aircold will only be replaced to the extent that Aircold receives compensation from the subcontractor.

10. Product liability regulation

Personal Injury: If it is proved that personal injury is caused by errors or defects in the products / services provided by Aircold, it is limited


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