Mini Rack cooler

Cooling IT Rack - server and switches

Mini Rack Cooler is a smart way to cool decentralized IT racks and racks in smaller server rooms. It is also the solution for cooling switch cabinets, which in many places are centrally located without cooling. This is a major problem for the life of the IT equipment. The surroundings often experience great noise from these warm IT cabinets as fans in switches and servers run at an unnatural high level in the attempt to cool the equipment. With Aircold mini Rack Cooler, both server rack temperature and noise levels are solved, so offices do not experience any noise nuisance from the IT equipment.

The Mini Rack cooler can be used in existing racks and comes as a complete solution with both cooler and IT rack. With mini Rack Cooler it is possible to cool fully closed IT rack. These racks can also be delivered in a low noise version, which means that the new server rack can be placed anywhere and e.g. in office environments.

If a new server or switch rack with cooling is required, Aircold can supply this in any desired size eg. 19 "rack with height 24U, 42U and 47U.

The cooling unit provides cooling to the servers in the rack cabinet by sucking hot air back from the servers and delivering it cool in front of the servers. This means that the server and switches achieve the optimal cooling as well as the ideal temperature. Sound problems from switch cabinets and server racks can be completely eliminated with Aircold's mini Rack cooler.

The Mini Rack cooler is connected to an external device. The system is available with infinitely inverter cooling effect, which can adapt to any Rack, which has a cooling requirement between approx. 2-7kW.


Product specifications

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