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Aircold's air conditioning for comfort cooling makes it easy to achieve an optimal indoor climate

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Comfort cooling with fan coils

It is a general challenge in modern construction, that a hot and enclosed indoor climate provides a poor working environment. An uncomfortable indoor climate is often due to both high temperature and too high relative humidity.

Aircold air conditioning ensures proper comfort!

Aircold offers high quality fancoils for comfort cooling. Aircold's fancoils are climate units for cooling water systems, made of the finest materials with elegant design, low noise levels and low energy consumption.

Aircold comfort cooling is used for cooling office buildings, classrooms, hotels, clinics and the like where a low noise level is a must.

CO2-neutral cooling system

For a complete air conditioning system, Aircold's fancoils are combined with Aircold's intelligent Chiller water cooling system. Aircold's Chiller supplies the cooling system on which the fancoil units are connected. Aircold offers unique climate systems that guarantee professional comfort.

Aircold offers future-proof and CO2-neutral cooling systems based on Propane, CO2 or HFO R1234ze. Aircold's green refrigeration cooling systems are all superior technical solutions and great environmentally friendly alternatives for eg. HFC refrigerant.

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