Green cooling

Green cooling based on sustainable refrigerant

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Sustainable cooling

Aircold takes responsibility for the climate problem and offers sustainable and CO2-reducing cooling systems based on green and renewable energy.

Aircold wants to contribute to a green change. Aircold offers complete and fully Intelligent cooling systems based on climate-friendly refrigerants such as Propane, HFO R1234ze and CO2.

Aircold is ready for a green change!

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Green refrigerant

Aircold's green refrigeration systems based on environmentally friendly refrigerants are referred to as future-proof refrigeration systems, as there is no restriction on refrigerant filling.

Aircold's green cooling systems comply with both short-term and long-term environmental legislation. Refrigerants as propane and CO2 are natural refrigerants, as these substances are already included in nature. HFO refrigerant is not a natural refrigerant, however, according to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, HFO is also considered a climate-friendly and future-proof refrigerant.


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