InRack cooling

Efficient cooling directly at the server without waste of energy

Why spend energy cooling the entire server room when only the servers need to be cooled?

The solution is InRack cooling from Aircold!

Cooling directly at the servers
InRack cooling is cooling directly at the servers. The cooled air comes with the shortest possible route to the servers. No temperature or ventilation loss to the surroundings as with InRow and Downflow cooling. The result is optimal cooling and extremely low operating costs.

Optimal cooling without energy waste
Rack cabinets and InRack coolers are specially designed so that inefficiencies do not occur with cold and hot air mixing. The system is suitable for high density loads with high cooling requirements per unit. server rack

Optimal use of space
Each m2 is expensive in a server room. With InRack cooling, the space in the server room can be utilized optimally without waste. The server room is built with cooling rack and InRack coolers, which are connected together according to the lego principle. The system enables a flexible structure in the data center with maximum utilization of the area. Low noise level and high reliability. The cooling takes place internally in closed rack cabinets. Therefore, the noise level is significantly lower compared to open server racks and drag genes are completely avoided. The system has unmatched reliability, with the InRack units working together on a solidarity principle. Even in case of operational failure, hotspots and server shutdowns can be avoided.

Free cooling for 100% of the time affects the bottom line.
InRack cooling combined with , in combination with the cooling system Aircold Intelligent Cooling, can provide enormous energy savings compared to traditional solutions. The system has extremely high utilization of free cooling for 100% of the time, resulting in huge reduction in energy costs.


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