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Free cooling based on outdoor air

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Free cooling with great financial savings

Aircold is an expert in energy-efficient cooling solutions based on free cooling, which gives great energy savings and noticeable bottom line surplus.

Aircold free cooling is cooling based on outdoor air, which means that outdoor air is used for cooling. If the air is used for cooling, it gives huge operating savings, because the number of compressor hours is minimal due to the cool Danish climate.

Aircold's freezing system is used for cooling for industrial applications, comfort cooling and server room cooling.

With a cooling solution based on Aircold's freezing system, a lot of money can be saved. A reduction of energy consumption of up to 80% is often achieved!

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Aircold Intelligent cooling with free cooling

Aircold free cooling is part of the energy efficient cooling system, Aircold Intelligent cooling. Aircold Intellingt cooling with free cooling makes it possible to stop expensive energy consumption. This is a specially developed and intelligent cooling system, which focuses on cheaper cooling with low energy consumption. Due to the minimum number of compressor hours, Aircold free cooling is also an environmentally friendly solution, which helps reduce global warming.

Aircold are experts in calculating energy-saving cooling solutions based on your needs.

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