CO2 Chiller

Sustainable chiller based on natural refrigerant R744 CO2

Sustainable CO2 refrigerant

Aircold's CO2 water cooling system is part of Aircold's climate-friendly cooling solutions.

Aircold's CO2 chiller uses R744 CO2 which is a natural refrigerant and is therefore considered a future-proof and sustainable refrigeration system.

Aircold takes responsibility for the climate problem and therefore offers sustainable solutions that ensure optimal cooling, which with green technology does not lead to negative climate change

Aircold's CO2 chiller is a compact water cooling system with integrated free cooling, cooling system, pump, buffer tank and control.

Aircold's CO2 Chiller is used for:

  • Comfort Cooling
  • Industry Cooling
  • Refrigeration for production and process

With a cooling system based on the natural refrigerant CO2, Aircold guarantees reliable and energy-efficient cooling, which is also harmless to the environment.


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