R290 Propane Chiller

Natural refrigerant

Cooling based on green technology

Propane R290 is a natural refrigerant as it contains substances that are already present in nature. Therefore, Propane R290 is a climate-friendly refrigerant, which is therefore not subject to restrictions on filling.

Aircold offers installation of complete and fully Intelligent cooling systems based on propane cooling systems. Furthermore, Aircold also supply propane chiller systems for integration into existing cooling systems.

Chillers refers to a compact refrigeration systems that cools water or liquids, which is mainly used for process og industrial cooling. 

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Why propane refrigerant?

Aircold's Propane Chiller is based on a natural refrigerant and is therefore not harmful to the ozone layer. Furthermore, this green refrigerant has no effect on the GWP greenhouse effect < 3. This means that Aircold's Propane chiller is an environmentally friendly and future-proof cooling solution. Aircold's Propan Chiller meets all current and future environmental requirements.

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