Based on green refrigerant HFO R1234ze

Future proof and sustainable

Chiller TSX R1234ze

Aircold's TSX chiller is based on the green refrigerant HFO1234ze.

Aircold's TSX Chiller R1234ze is extremely energy efficient and climate friendly as the HFO refrigerant is harmless to the ozone layer (ODP = 0) and has a negligible impact on the greenhouse effect with GWP <5.

The TSX chiller is a Turn Key water cooling system, with integrated free cooling, cooling system, pump, buffer tank and control. This means that the TSX chiller is ready for start as soon as you receive it. TSX is an ingenious refrigeration system, which with its compact and well-thought-out design offers both refrigeration system, pumping station, buffer tank, control and free cooling system in one.

With the integrated free cooling, the space requirement is less than for solutions with external free cooler. The free-cooling function offers great annual energy savings as the return cooling water from production is cooled by the outdoor air when the outdoor air is colder than the return water. During periods when the outside air is too hot to achieve sufficient cooling, the cooling compressor will be activated and supplemented with mechanical cooling.

Product specifications

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