TTX Chiller HFO R1234ze

Sustainable cooling

The TTX Chiller HFO R1234ze is a hyper efficient cooling unit based on Danfoss Turbocor compressors, which are distinguished by being extremely energy efficient and having a very good EER factor. The refrigeration system has stepless inverter control of the cooling capacity and uses the green refrigerant HFO R1234ze which is climate friendly as it is harmless to the ozone layer (ODP = 0) and has a negligible influence on the greenhouse effect with GWP <5.

Aircold is an authorized refrigeration company with the greatest possible certificate. As the TTX Chiller I based on climate friendly refrigerant   this unit is not limited by the current 10kg rule. TTX Chiller is also future-proof in relation to the f-gas regulation.

An investment in Aircold's TTX R1234ze Chiller is therefore a future-proof investment just like refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants CO2, NH3 and Propane. However, the HFO R1234ze refrigeration system offers a number of safety and maintenance advantages over the R290 refrigeration system and the R717 ammonia refrigeration system.

The HFO Chiller R1234ze type TTX is available as a complete cooling unit with cooling system, pump, buffer tank and integrated free cooling.

According to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, HFO is a climate-friendly refrigerant that has markedly shortened decomposition time in the atmosphere compared to traditional HFC gases.

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