Estro fancoil

A part of Aircold Comfort cooling

Fancoil for comfort cooling

Aircold's fancoil unit Estro is quiet and discreet cooling in elegant design. Estro fancoil is a part of a Aircold Comfort cooling system.

Estro fancoil unit delivers comfortable cooling that ensures an optimal indoor climate and working environment. Aircold offers quality-assured fancoil air conditioning units for cooling water systems. Aircold's fan coil units are made of the finest materials in elegant design with low noise level and low energy consumption.

Aircold uses simulation software that together with our experience, guarantees the correct fancoil design for the specific task. For a complete climate system, Aircold's fancoils are combined with Aircold's Chiller refrigeration system. Aircold's Chiller supplies the cooling water system to which the fan coil units are connected. Aircold offers unique system solutions that guarantee comfort.

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