K2 aircon floor 6kW

Cooling, heating, humidity control and air purification

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Cools and purifies the air

This K2 floor-mounted air conditioning unit is a sublime product that exudes quality. This floor mounted air conditioning unit is an extremely silent solution that can be installed at the same level at the wall as a radiator. The unit is equipped with a low-energy motor with consumption down to 0.0075W. This air conditioner offers multiple functions; cooling, heating, temperature control, humidity control and air purification.

K2 is a professional quality product for the discerning user.

This type of air conditioner is particularly suitable when the sound level must be absolutely low and therefore ideal for cooling in offices, private homes, clinics, hotels, shops, bedrooms, etc.

NB! If you want to get rid of dust mites, K2 air conditioner is ideal. By lowering the relative humidity to 55% bacteria and viruses is reduced.  With K2 air conditioning you will achieve both comfort and a healthier indoor climate.

K2 filters the air and removes viruses, odors and bacteria. This unit is equipped with an active photocatalytic filter that provides a significant reduction of bacteria in the air. K2 climate unit has hidden UV lighting and air purification. This filter uses the oxidizing effect of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to eliminate bacteria and kill viruses. K2 filters the air and reduces dust, dirt and unpleasant odors are eliminated.

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