Aircold leverer køling for DTU supercomputer

Aircold supplies cooling for DTU supercomputer Computerome

DTU supercomputer Computerome is growing. Aircold refrigeration system has been chosen to optimize the system.

The supercomputer is one of the most powerful in the world and serves universities, hospitals and research institutions as well as private pharmaceuticals in Europe. Aircold's cooling system for DTU's Computerome, is based on Inrow cooling, which is efficient cooling for data centers and server rooms.

Inrow cooling means that the server room is built up with cubes or containments where mix of cold and hot air does not occur. The InRow coolers are placed inline between the IT rack. The heat is sucked away from the back of the server and delivered cooled to the server's suction side. Aircold InRow refrigeration systems are suitable for high thermal density per square meter without the occurrence of hotspots. It is recommended to implement InRow cooling with Aircold's Intelligent Cooling System for the perfect result. Aircold's cooling solutions for data centers and server rooms represent the most efficient and energy-efficient forms of cooling.


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