Aircold delivers intelligent cooling system for Danfoss

Aircold Intelligent cooling for Danfoss

Aircold has delivered an Intelligent cooling system for Danfoss Datacenter in Nordborg. The system is phasing out the former cooling system at Danfoss. The solution is built with redundant cooling 270kW and consists of 3 pieces. modulating Chiller refrigeration system with Danfoss compressors, frequency controlled hydro station, Free cooling with modulating ec fans, pipe system, control valves and Aircold Supervision.

Aircold Intelligent control is considered the brain of the system, which ensures that all units have minimal energy consumption while providing  the excact cooling performance demanded by the server room.

Aircold supervision is also included in Aircold intelligent cooling. Aircold supervision ensures online monitoring of the cooling system. Aircold supervision assures access to the system online and errors are sent directly from Aircold's call center.

Significant energy savings

Aircold is a specialist in energy-efficient cooling systems for server rooms. Danfoss demanded a “State of the art” refrigeration system with a strong focus on reliability and minimal energy consumption. An engineering consulting firm had made a tender for the project. However, Aircold presented an alternative solution that could guarantee Danfoss a significantly higher energy saving, which convinced Danfoss.

Aircold's Intelligent Cooling System proved to be a good investment for Danfoss. The plant has been in operation since the beginning of 2015 and the feedback from Danfoss is that an annual energy saving of 70% has been achieved since the system was put into operation.



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