Wine cooling wall mounted

Proper storage of wine

This elegant wine cooling system can be used for cooling wine rooms and wine cellars down to 10C. However, if you wish to keep a stable temperature at 12C, 14C, 16C or any other given temperature between 10C and 20C that is also possible.

Aircold's wine cooling system has infinite capacity, which means that the system adapts to the exact cooling needs in rooms from approx. 2m2 to 50m2 (ceiling height 2.7m).

Aircold's wine cooling system mounted on the wall is an exclusive and unobtrusive solution, which ensures optimal storage of your wine at the right temperature and humidity.

Stable temperature

Aircold's wine cooling system ensures the correct temperature in the wine room. Since the compressor is continuously controlled, it is a gentle form of cooling. This allows for relative humidity, which should be stable and typically between 40% -75% in a wine room.

Aircold wall-mounted refrigeration systems ensure a cool temperature that guarantees the best conditions for wine storage. The wine cooling system has a cooling capacity of 600-4000W.


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