MHW BLCD Chiller

Inverter Chiller

Inverter Chiller

MHW is the latest generation of variable performance refrigeration systems with integrated BLCD inverter compressor. MHW is a water/water cooling system that is hyper efficient and energy efficient. This inverter cooling system, which is extremely quiet, can be placed indoors in e.g. technical room.

Thanks to a dedicated control software, the MWH units provide continuous modulation of the cooling capacity. The precise BLCD inverter compressors provide both great energy savings and a cooling performance delivered precisely according to the current needs. With the HiREF MHW chiller, the need for buffer tanks is avoided.

The BLDC inverter driven compressors are frequency modulated to reach the highest cooling capacity or the highest energy efficiency at each work point.

The variable performance MHW cooling system is perfect for process cooling, cooling for ventilation and comfort, as well as cooling for industry. 

Product specifications

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