MEX prozone Chiller 5-50kW

Chiller industrial cooling

Aircold is importer and distributor of Thermocold's large program of refrigeration systems. Thermocold is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of chiller units also called water cooling systems.

Thermocold Mex Prozone is a compact air-cooled water cooling system with cooling effect approx. 5-50kW. The systems are complete with with compressor systems, control, pump, water tank etc. delivered in a weatherproof housing.

If you want a reliable quality with a minimum of space requirements, Thermocold Mex Prozone is a good choice!

This cooling system is more flexible than traditional systems.  With just one system, cooling can be supplied to any number of cooling consumers (machines, ventilation systems, cooling surfaces, etc.). If the capacity requirement is changed, the system can be expanded in modules. Temperature control is very accurate. This cooling system offers a seamless supply of cooling to refrigerated consumers with differentiated temperature and capacity requirements.

With Aircold's solutions, Thermocold miniExcel can be connected in modules. So that the cooling capacity can be gradually increased if the cooling demand increases.

Thermocold Mex Prozone can be used for water-based cooling systems and combined with Aircold Intelligent Free Cooling. The solution can be supplied with an inverter controlled compressor.

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