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Temperature down to 12°C

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Proper cooling and humidity

BACCO is a professional wine cooler that offers proper storage of wine. BACCO wine refrigeration unit is applicable for restaurants, wine investors as well as private wine enthusiasts.

BACCO wine cooler is available in two sizes; BACCO 15 and BACCO 30.

BACCO 15 is designed for standard insulated spaces up to 15m3 and for perfectly isolated spaces up to 25m3 while BACCO 30 is used for rooms up to 30m3 and for perfectly isolated spaces up to 50m3. 

BACCO is a high quality wine refrigeration system, which is emphasized by the fact that it comes with a stainless steel cabinet. Alternatively, the unit can be supplied with painted anthracite black finish.

If BACCO wine cooling systems with humidification (optional option) is selected, the air conditioner will be able to supply moisture to the air so that the humidity is kept above 50% and optimally between 60% and 80%.

BACCO Wine Cooler has no outdoor unit, which makes it easy to install without any help from a professional cooling technician. The unit is installed in the wine room on a wall facing an adjacent room where the heat from the wine air conditioning system is diverted. Make two holes at each Ø125 mm, which are located behind the wine air conditioning system. Through these holes the heat is ventilated away. The adjacent room should be at least twice the size of the wine cellar unless the wine cellar is ventilated. The cooling unit is equipped with feet and can alternatively also be mounted on the floor, on a shelf or similar and connected to inlet and exhaust holes with ducts (Ø125 up to 6m).

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Product specifications

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