V2.0 WIFI AC without outdoor unit

Air conditioning without outdoor unit

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V2.0 WIFI aircon without outdoor unit

V2.0 Air conditioner without outdoor unit is a smart product in elegant design. This air conditioner contains professional quality, but at the same time it can be installed as a "do it yourself" product. Also, the integrated WIFI control allows you to control the unit and install the temperature via your smartphone.

V2.0 WIFI is a two-in-one solution as it can be used both as a cooling unit and as a heating pump. The system has efficient inverter control and infinite capacity control, which means the unit adapts to the room's cooling or heating needs. During periods of less cooling or heating requirements, the unit automatically adjusts the performance to a lower level. This reduces energy consumption.

V2.0 WIFI has no outdoor unit, which is seen as a practical and aesthetic advantage by many. The air conditioner absorbs energy from the outdoor air via 2 pcs. ventilation holes hidden behind the unit. Exterior wall grilles can be mounted from the inside. V2.0 WIFI is easy to install and does not require an authorized technician as the unit is assembled and tested at the factory.

V2.0 is a smart climate solution with no frightening outdoor unit and easy to install! 

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