Technibel Split 4kW

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Silent and transportable air conditioning

Technibel Split is a top product and equipped with efficient inverter control that ensures infinite capacity management, high comfort and low energy consumption. This portable air conditioner is unique and definitely one of the best in portable air conditioning systems!

Technibel Split Inverter air conditioner cools, ventilates and filters the air. The plant, with a noise level of 34dba, is the quietest of its kind on the market. Technibel Split can cool the air down to 10C.

The system can be both fixed and used as a portable solution. Technibel Split Inverter can be used wherever there is a desire to optimize the indoor climate and control the temperature. Technibel Split is used for example. for cooling homes, offices, server rooms, copy space and stores.

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Technibel Split is ideal if you want an air conditioner of high quality for your apartment, as the outdoor unit easily can be placed on the balcony.
The system consists of 1 piece. inner part and 1st piece. outdoor unit. The devices are connected using a 2m cable. This cable is connected by quick couplings. Can be supplied with extra 4m extension cable so cable becomes 6m. Cooling capacity up to 4kW.

The installation is simple and can be performed without the help of a refrigeration technician, but must be performed by another qualified technician following instructions from Aircold.


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