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Refrigeration with no outdoor unit

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Cooling wine room and wine cellar

Technibel Reve Plus DCI is a brilliant product for cooling wine rooms and wine cellars. If you are looking for a wine cooler and want to avoid a an  outdoor unit Technibel Reve Plus DCI is the perfect solution!

Technibel Reve Plus DCI is an ingenious wine cooler with no outdoor unit.  The replacement and further development of our bestseller Technibel Reve DCI. The wine cooling system can be ordered with WIFI control that gives your smartphone direct alarm if the temperature or humidity in your wine cellar or wine room becomes either too high or too low.

Stable temperature down to 10C.

The system is able to cool down to to 10C. However, if you wish for 12C, 14C, 16C or any other given temperature between 10C and 20C that is also possible. Technibel Reve Plus DCI covers the entire area whatever the desired temperature is. Technibel Reve Plus DCI has infinite capacity, which means the system adapts to the exact cooling needs in rooms from approx. 2m2 to 30m2 (ceiling height 2.7m).

Furthermore, since the compressor is controlled infinitely, it provides gentle cooling that allows relative humidity, which should be stable and typically between 40% -75% in a wine room.

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Easy installation - no outdoor unit!

A major advantage of this wine cooler is that it has no outdoor unit. Consequently, challenges with troublesome piping and location of compressor systems are eliminated. This wine cooler comes with mounting kit, ventilation grilles and remote control


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