MILO WIFI portable AC

Transportabel air conditioner based on sustainable refrigerant propane

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Sustainable refrigerant and WIFI control

Aircold's transportable air conditioner MILO WIFI is a fast, easy and quality-assured way to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. Milo Wifi is transportable air conditioning that guarantees fast cooling. This mobile air conditioning unit has integrated WIFI control and can therefore be controlled via smartphone. Another advantage of this mobile unit is that the plant uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant propane (R290).

MILO WIFI is recommended for rooms up to 45m2. The unit is applicable for cooling of offices, smaller server rooms, private homes and smaller stores. Milo Wifi is one of the most reliable and powerful mobile air conditioners on the market with a cooling capacity of 3500W.

MILO WIFI is a plug & play unit, which means it does not need any installation. The unit needs to be plugged into a 230V outlet and is afterwards ready for operation immediately.

MILO WIFI cools and filters the air. At the back at the unit there is a flexible hose. Through this hose the heat is sent away. The hose is inserted e.g. squeezed in a window or carried out through a hole in the wall. Condensate water is sent out with exhaust air. 



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