APOLLO 12HP without outdoor unit

AC and heating pump with WIFI-control

Heating and cooling in one unit

APOLLO 12HP inverter without outdoor unit is an efficient and professional air conditioner that can be used to both cool and heat the room.

The APOLLO 12HP is without the outdoor unit. APOLLO 12HP can be installed as a do-it-yourself solution by any craftsman without the help of a professional refrigeration technician.

Apollo 12HP air conditioner has integrated inverter function which  automatically regulates the cooling or heating performance. This means that the performance always is adjusted to the desired temperature in the room.

This air conditioner has integrated WIFI control which means the unit can be controlled by smartphone.

The Apollo 12HP Inverter is installed on an outer wall of the room. On the outer wall is seen 2 two ventilation grilles and a small pipe for condensation drains. The air conditioner comes with mounting kits and exterior wall grilles.


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